Forum Structure

The WordPress Support forum is split into the following sections:

Installation Installation

Members who have bumped into problems when attempting to install WordPress are given help in the Installation forum. Perhaps it’s a testament to WordPress’ “famous 5-minute installation,” that this forum is relatively low-traffic. The threads posted to this forum mainly revolve around issues with upgrading to the latest version of WordPress and FTP.

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How To’s and Troubleshooting How To’s and Troubleshooting

This is the catch-all section for all questions about installing, troubleshooting, themes, queries, templates, all the various aspects of WordPress. If coding isn’t your strength, How To’s and Troubleshooting is a good place to start volunteering on the forums as you’ll find a wide-range of general WordPress issues here.

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Themes and Templates Themes and Templates

You’ll find questions about WordPress Themes, CSS, XHTML, structure, layout and design in the Themes and Templates forum.

In addition to this, each theme in the WordPress Theme Directory has its own Support thread. For example, the Support thread for the Twenty Twelve theme are found here: Posts to each theme’s Support thread’s also appear on the Themes and Templates forum.

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Plugins and Hacks Plugins and Hacks

Plugins and Hacks, and its subforum “Hacks”, are for users who are experiencing problems with or who need help in extending a plugin. Contributors to these two forums should ideally have some PHP knowledge, as a lot of the questions require it.

In addition to this, each plugin in the WordPress Plugin Directory has a “Support” tab link. This link leads to a Support thread for that plugin, either within or to an external site. For example, the Support tab for the bbPress plugin, leads to an external site. Whereas, the Support tab for the Akismet plugin stays within, and are found here: Posts to each plugin’s Support thread’s also appear on the Plugins and Hacks forum.

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WP-Advanced WP-Advanced

Advanced coding of advanced things, way beyond your average how-to.

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Multisite Multisite

As the name would suggest, problems relating to WordPress multisites are posted to the the Multisite forum.

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Localhost Installs Localhost Installs

Users facing problem installing locally, can go to Localhost Installs with their problems.

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Miscellaneous Miscellaneous

Everything else gets set here. This includes news announcements about WordPress or WordPress related topics, information to help WordPress users, and general “doesn’t go anywhere else” posts. Posts in Miscellaneous don’t have a “mark as resolved” option.

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Requests and Feedback Requests and Feedback

This is the section where people can ask for changes, improvements, and give feedback about WordPress. Answers are not always necessary, but if there are bug reports or requests that are already in place, answers need to be provided.

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Alpha/Beta Alpha/Beta

For discussion of development releases only. This includes only nightly, alpha, beta, and release candidate releases.

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Reviews Reviews

Though it’s probably easier to browse reviews under the Reviews tab of each plugin/theme, this is where they all live. If you want to leave a review, please leave it under the Reviews tab of the desired plugin/theme.