What makes a good bug report?

What makes a good bug report:

  • All steps to reproduce, including the earliest step. You shouldn’t need to know codes
  • Description of the bug. What you saw vs what you expected.
  • Quoted error messages, including PHP errors, and warnings.
  • Quoted errors from your browser’s console.
  • Quoted errors from your server log and WP_DEBUG or equivalent, if possible.
  • Browser and version. Did you try it in Incognito/Private mode? Sending the user to http://supportdetails.com/ can be a real timesaver for figuring out browser info as well.
  • WordPress version, Multisite or not, PHP and MySQL version, Apache or Nginx version, and other results from the Send System Info plugin.
  • Does it happen with no plugins and the default theme?
  • Screenshots for UI issues, before and after for UI patches, screencast (video) if possible.
  • Be clear and concise. Get to point first, then provide details.
  • Are there any related ticket numbers?
  • Please, only one bug per ticket.

Not all of these are needed, it depends on the situation.

For more info, see https://codex.wordpress.org/Reporting_Bugs