Modlook and tagging

The Modlook tag can be applied to any post.

When to tag a post with Modlook When to tag a post with Modlook

It should be added when in your opinion a forum moderator needs to take action on a post or thread. This would be when private information such as email addresses, phone numbers, login information or other personal information has been posted. A moderator can then edit the post to remove that information. Currently, the tag can be added only when you add a reply to a thread. You may, for instance, write a couple of words about WHY you decided to add the tag modlook to the topic. That way, when a moderator arrives to the topic, he/she will quicker find out what needs to be done.

Using this tag to try and get quicker response will not work. Such abuse may actually lead to your account being flagged for moderation, which will slow down your use of the forums.

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Tagging Tagging

Correctly tagging a post helps in two ways:

  • some forum helpers like to focus on certain issues and will follow a tag feed.
  • people searching for help might first check relevant tags

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