Posting Anonymously

In July 2023, new functionality was added to the forums which allows anyone with the moderator role or above to reply to a thread anonymously, under a generic moderator username. This can be done by checking the box next to Post this reply anonymously as @moderator.

screenshot showing checkbox that says "Post this reply anonymously as @moderator."

This is what it looks like to non-moderators:

Screenshot showing reply by anonymous reply by "Support Moderator (@moderator)" account

Other moderators are still able to see who posted:

Screenshot showing "Posted by @zoonini" above the line "Support Moderator (@moderator)"

Posting anonymously is optional, but offers several benefits. It offers privacy for moderators, and some protection from being contacted directly in SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at or outside the forums – such as via a contact form on their own website – reducing the potential for harassment of moderators.

It can also help provide a unified voice to help better educate and familiarize posters with the forum guidelines.

Email and Slack Notifications

At the moment, @ pings do not trigger any email or Slack modifications, but the moderator who responded to a thread anonymously is automatically subscribed to the thread by email. (Email functionality pending – please check threads manually for now.)

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