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Note: Prior to Sept 1, 2016 the Moderator title was granted to many users as a mark of recognition and prestige. When the Support Forums were upgraded to bbPressbbPress Free, open source software built on top of WordPress for easily creating forums on sites. 2.x, this was changed. Moderators now are required to meet certain criteria as the role comes with a great deal more power.

A Forum Moderator has the responsibility to regularly take care of the spam, pending, and modlook queues. They are expected to attend as many meetings (in Slack #forums) as possible, and leave no less than 10 publicly visible replies in the forum in a 6-month period.

Moderators are also expected to be attentive to the Make/Support blog, keeping up to date on announcements, changes, and statuses.

With few exceptions, moderators must join the #forums Slack channel and attend the weekly meeting when/if possible.


  • A moderator regularly takes care of the spam and modlook queue, while attending as many meetings as possible within reason and leaving no less than 10 publicly visible replies in the forum in a 6-month period.

General Guidelines General Guidelines

  • Realize that you are now a face of WordPress.
  • Be polite, even when others are not.
  • Be firm when users are abusing rules; exceptions lead to further abuse.
  • Walk away and ask for help from other moderators if you’re upset/angry.

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How do I become a moderator?

Don’t worry, we’ll notice when you’re awesome, and you’ll get a DM via Slack from an existing Support Team member. Rather than reaching out directly to ask if you can have more powers around here, please let us come to you first.

What’s the difference between moderator and keymaster?

Keymasters can do anything, including promote/demote users. Moderators can do most things.

Someone’s acting really badly. What do I do?

First see if you can help them first. Usually people having a bad day are not bad people, just people having a bad day. Review the post When Good Users Go Bad for some advice.

I need a mod right now.

Come to the Slack Channel #forums and ask for help. It’s staffed mostly 24/7 now.

I’m a moderator and I need help!

We’re here for you! Come to the Slack Channel #forums or ping another mod directly for help. You’re not alone, and you’re not required to help everyone.

Do I have to help everyone?

Nope! Remember, don’t be this guy:

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