Finding posts about YOUR topic

Perhaps you’re the developer or a support team member for a particular theme or plugin. Or you happen to know all details about a certain technology. Or you just just love joining conversations about how to use WordPress in a certain situation?

Subscribing to specific forums Subscribing to specific forums

First of all. Themes and Plugins have their very own support forum at
You can find these specialized forum of a plugin by clicking on the Support tab on the home page of the Plugin. (But do keep an eye open in the Plugin Directory – some Plugin authors provide some support somewhere else.)
For example, our own Health Check plugin has its own forum at And that forum would be a good place to ask a question about that particular plugin.

In a similar way, questions about a specific theme would best be asked/responded in the support forum for that particular theme. Go to the page of the theme in the Theme Directory and click on the button View Support Forum. (Again, be aware that some developers may indicate other locations for support.)
Example: If you get stuck with setting up the theme TwentySeventeen to your taste, then is a good place to ask (or browse previous answers).

Now, if you would be happy to help other people with a particular theme or plugin, then there is a special button for you! Visit the relevant forum and look out for the button Subscribe to this plugin/Subscribe to this theme (Obviously, in order to subscribe to a forum, you need to be logged in.) From now on, whenever there’s a new post in this forum, you’ll receive a notification to the e-mail address that is connected to your account.

(The button is a toggle – you unsubscribe by clicking the same button!)

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Notifications whenever a watched word is mentioned Notifications whenever a watched word is mentioned

You may get automatic notifications whenever a certain keyword is mentioned anywhere on the various sites (team blogs, support forums, etc.).
Just go to and add the name of your plugin, your brand name or whatever other keyword would be relevant to you. On the same page, you may also choose if you want these notifications via e-mail and/or Slack.