Release Day Checklist

Release Candidate (RC1) Release Candidate (RC1)

  • Post the BBQ DRAFT as soon as RC1 is released.

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Release day Release day

  1. Make sure all posts in Alpha/Beta are resolved, closed, or moved out.
  2. Update BBQ DRAFT post with the real urls of the release and it’s name.
  3. AFTER posts the release, you can make the BBQ forum post.
  4. Update IRC topics with the new stable version number and announcement post when this goes live.
  5. Keep chatter in #forums to a minimum for 24 hours after release in order to not lose legit questions or issues.


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Days following a release Days following a release

  • Make a list of all issues to present in next #core meeting.


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The BBQ Post The BBQ Post

  • For 4.8: Rewrite the cache troubleshooting into its own section!
  • Title the post READ THIS FIRST WordPress {{VERSION}} Master List
  • Each section should be their own reply (for easier editing).