What You Need to Know

WordPress Answers, more commonly known as WordPress Stack Exchange (WPSE), is part of Stack Exchange question and answer site network. It was created on initiative of network users and is not affiliated with the WordPress project.

On the site questions about WordPress can be freely asked and answered, as long as they are in the scope as defined by site’s FAQ. Site users vote on questions/answers and earn a reputation score, based on votes they receive.

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How to Get Started

The basic activities on site are asking, answering and voting. You are not required to register an account on the site in order to ask or answer questions. However, registration is recommended so that your reputation and attribution of your questions and answers are tracked correctly.

The home page of the site shows the newest questions and is good starting point. You can explore questions on specific topic by tag or questions that needs answers or votes.

You can suggest edits to all questions and answers on site to clarify and improve them. Your edits are peer-reviewed by other users and appear if approved.

As your reputation increases you gain additional privileges on site, that allow you access to additional actions and tools to contribute.

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If You Are Developer or Expert for Specific Plugin/Theme

Popular WordPress extensions (especially plugins) can gather considerable amount of questions on site and it is customary to tag them with plugin-name and theme-name. If you are developer or expert on such extension you can keep an eye on tag page and subscribe to it via RSS.

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Contact Information

In line with network rules WPSE is community-moderated site and network employees’  involvement in day-to-day operation is minimal.

Any questions or suggestions about site should be asked in special Meta section, where they are answered by users, community-elected moderators and network employees (if necessary).

There is also site’s chat room StopPress that is place for community to hangout and talk in real time.

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