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Avoiding Overlaps Avoiding Overlaps Also Viewing: A script which alerts you if someone else using the same script is viewing the same thread you’re viewing, to help prevent any overlapping replies. If we all use this, we all benefit.

This script is for use with Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey. Once you have one of those two extensions installed, simply click the “Raw” button next to the alsoviewing.user.js script at the previous “ Also Viewing” link to trigger an installation for the new script.

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Searching Documentation Searching Documentation

If you use Alfred, along with its paid Powerpack, there are Workflows to search the Developer Reference and search the Codex Function Reference. Alfred has documentation on how to install Workflows.

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Saving Form Fields Saving Form Fields

You’re typing a nice big reply on the support forums when suddenly your webpage closes, you get a server timeout, or whatever. There is a tool to prevent this! Lazarus: Form Recovery is available for both Firefox and Chrome . It saves your form fields data, so if something does suddenly happen you can just go back to the form, right click, “recover form”, and continue where you left off.