Support Forum Upgrade OMGWTFBBQ Master List

I’m making US a master list 🙂 Since we have P2, we can mark them off when done. Hah. This is a sticky, so we should edit it and add more on as we make discussion posts (or trac tickets) for them.

Please note that these are things primarily needed by Moderators, not a list of general bugs etc.

Things that are ‘broken’

New Features we’d like to have

Minor bugs we know about

  • Do we need a better name than archive to ‘delete’ posts?
  • Should we have a way to confirm as spam to hide from spam view? @otto42 is looking into this
  • Would tool-tips on the action links (archive, spam, etc) help?


FYI There’s some talk going on about Forum…

FYI. There’s some talk going on about Forum Design in Meta:

Forum Design Research

Drop some comments on that post if you have ideas 🙂

4.5 OMG WTF Post

This post is being written in progress as things are being added to 4.5 in the hopes it saves us time later. If you see anything that needs correcting, leave a comment and we’ll update the post content. If you have access to edit the post, leave a comment with what you changed.

This post will be the ‘non default’ part of the OMGWTFBBQ!?!?! post we do every major release.

THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO ASK FOR HELP!. We’re trying to write the post, so please don’t post questions about 4.5 here 🙂 We will delete them. Go to the support forums for that please.

The About Page Trac Ticket lists a few things but what we’re looking for are the following:

  • Core Changes
  • Not a Bug
  • Known Issues

The rest of the content is under the cut:

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FYI plugins are broken again https make wordpress…

FYI, plugins are broken again.

RESOLVED Same issues that were happening two weeks…

tl;dr – we’re not approving ANY new plugins until it’s fixed and if someone has commit problems, please send them to that post and let them know we know, we’re working on it, but it’s drama and we hate it too.

Support Team Meetup Summary for July 23rd

Items discussed at today’s Support Team meetup:

WordPress 4.3 RC1

People are testing, that’s good. More people should be testing.

Also, don’t panic, Site Icon controls are now available in the Customizer only.

If you find a non-alpha/beta post in the Alpha/Beta forums, please feel free to remove it by any means necessary. Let’s keep that place clean.

OMGWTFBBQ draft post

Items to add:

  • Cache notice (flush ’em all)
  • Shortcodes may be broken (though they were broken in 4.2.3 so…)
  • Site Icon controls are now available in the Customizer

Codex Documentation

Codex for 4.3 needs love – Don’t worry about the function lists, those will be added after the doc-ref is auto-updated.


If you find a sock puppet thread/review, delete it and block the *not-developer* user. Then email with all of the details. If @ipstenu is online and active, you can ping her, but the email is more reliable. Especially on weekends and off-peak hours.

View today’s meetup transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)


Agenda for July 30th Support Meetup

Items for discussion at tomorrow’s meetup:

  • WordPress 4.3 RC1 (due today)
  • OMGWTFBBQ post
  • Documentation –

We can cull from to pick out the biggest issues.

Writing the Version 4.3 post is … painful. I tried it for 4.2 and I’ll see if I can give it a shot again but more hands welcome. Use as an example.

#agenda, #meetup

Forums: The Tools We Need

Back at WordCamp SF (in October 2014) we discussed the forum tools we needed to have in the ‘eventual’ port of the forums to bbPress 2.x. We then put it to the side because that port was miles away.

It’s getting closer, so I’m posting the notes because, as JJJ said:

Once we can compare needs to the plugins list I posted on make/meta, then we can work towards a setup where all support forums run unified code.

So please, read this list and bring up anything we’re missing or you think we should ditch.

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#bbpress, #tools, #wcsf2014

A reminder for those who haven’t seen it…

A reminder for those who haven’t seen it.

Please take a few minutes to fill in the Community Hub Poll as the poll closes Thursday at 00:00UTC.

For more information on the Community Hub, please check out this post.

How to Properly Use Tags

This came up in this week’s slack chat. Using tags can be a fine art, and we may end up doing a tag-scrub some day soon, to get more people into helping triage posts in the forums.

Tags usually aren’t used properly, and it’s OKAY that the masses don’t. This is actually a great job for someone who wants to get involved in support. By reading a post and determining it needs specific attention, you can improve the chances of someone getting help promptly.

When you see a post, look at what the poster is asking and try to use a tag that makes logical sense for the issue. To help you get started, we have some standard tags that we use and encourage their appropriate use.

Team Tags

The following tags are used by the various make/teams on to track posts that need their attention.

  • Accessibility – a11y
  • Questions about the theme review process – thememod
  • Questions about the plugin review process – pluginmod
  • Moderator please come fix this – modlook
  • Not Safe For Work – nsfw
  • theme not in the .org repo – wpcom-theme

Proper Use of Modlook

Don’t use it if you are a moderator. This should go without saying.

Be very careful with ‘modlook’ – Abuse of that tag will get your posting rights revoked. It should be used to flag moderator attention for things like duplicate posts, spam, abuse, harassment, etc. It is not to be used for getting help faster. That just gets you negative attention.

When you use ‘modlook’ try to use it in conjunction with another tag. For example, if the issue is a spammer, use ‘modlook’ and ‘spam’ tags. If the issue is the post has personal information (like passwords) use ‘modlook’ and ‘private info’ – Basically try to make sure if a moderator is reading the post, they’ll see why the post needs attention. This is especially important when we’re talking about duplicate posts 🙂 If you’re tagging spam and think it may not be obvious who is the spammer (things like ‘buy viagra!’ are pretty obvious), put the username of the spammer as another tag. Just in case. The mods will delete the tags once it’s handled.

It’s also a great idea to actually reply to the legit posts. Telling someone “I’m alerting the moderators to this post. Never post your passwords in public!” is totally awesome!

Keep in mind, we do not remove URLs from posts unless there’s a good reason. And by good reason we mean abuse, harassment, or legal reasons. Asking a URL be removed, or a post deleted, because someone is upset that Google picked up their URL in it’s search is not a good reason. If you don’t want something to be searched by google, don’t post it in a public forum.

Plugin/Theme Tags

This one is simple. Tag a post to match the slug of the plugin or theme that’s having the problem.

For example. If someone is having a problem with Akismet, tag the post akismet. If it’s Hello Dolly, tag it hello-dolly.

Pay careful attention to that plugin slug! Complicated plugins like may have the name “Joe’s Totally Wicked Cool Twitter Widget Plugin!” on the plugin page, but that slug of joes-awesome-twitter-widget is what you want to use for the tag.

If the theme is one downloaded from, use the tag wpcom-theme

Company Tags

If someone specifically mentions a hosting company, make sure that company is tagged. Many hosts keep people on payroll in order to monitor posts tagged for them. The same goes for things like theme and plugin shops. It’s helpful to them to have, for example, GoDaddy or StudioPress tagged.

When in doubt …

Don’t tag 🙂 Come on over to the #forums room in Slack and ask us for help. Someone’s almost always around.


T-Shirt Ideas

The docs team has a t-shirt. Why don’t we? Because we’re incredibly lazy.

I want to preface this with a reminder: This does not mean we will actually get the shirts. This is an idea, and eventually we’ll need to ask people like @andreamiddleton or @camikaos if we can do this at all.

Proposed Text

“You look like a WordPresser that supports 23% of the Internet. – #tyrell14”

There’s a story there, but if you were at #wcsf you probably heard it. Suffice to say, Tyrell became our meme in a surprisingly safe for work way.

Proposed Graphic

Much to @macmanx‘s disappointment, we can’t use an animated GIF. The rest of us sigh in relief.

I also can’t draw. Or design like that.

Suggestions Welcome!

I know the text is a little WCSF centric, but this shirt will be for the folks who were, y’know, at WCSF this year (if possible).