Support Team Deputies

The support team is looking for one or two contributors who would like to be more involved as team deputies.

With the increase in areas that support can tie into, and may benefit from collaborating with, the need for some extra hands to hold the ropes will help the current support team lead.

To set expectations, this is not a position that comes with any special access, but is an amazing way to get more involved with the support team in particular, and helping build better interactions between the other teams.

Tasks that may be involved are:

  • Helping to facilitate the teams weekly meetings, with the associated agenda and (if applicable) summary posts
  • Helping build stronger ties with the various international forums
  • Helping facilitate upcoming WordPress releases with the Release Support Lead (if the release has one)
  • Checking in with other teams if there are cross-team collaborative efforts going on

Being a forum moderator or similar is not a requirement, but some previous involvement should be considered a minimum, just so that the applicant has an understanding of how the team functions.

Does this sound like it might be fun? Please let the team know by letting them know of your interest in the comments below!