Opening up for APAC-friendly office hours

Over the past few years, the support team has been trying to broaden our horizons to the other non-English speaking parts of our community.

The most notable of this is our international liaisons, whom we check in with during our weekly meetings to see if there’s anything happening elsewhere we should all be made aware of, experiences we can all learn form and so on.

Unfortunately, our meeting times are, although great for Europe and those facilitating them there, not so good for the APAC region.

We want to do something about this.

Other teams have already started with dual-meeting times to give as many people a voice as they can, and we wish to do the same.

Our meetings are a bit less formal, as one might have noticed when taking part in them, so it makes sense to start off with a somewhat simpler format, namely Office Hours.

What does this mean? Office hours means there’s people around that can help answer questions or thoughts on may have about processes, make note of concerns that are raised that can be filed on to team representatives or otherwise appropriate groups. And to check in and let everyone know how things are going in general.

But to do this, we need two things: A facilitator, or facilitators, to make sure there’s someone around during the designated time, and even more importantly, a time for this to be held.

So therefore the team brings that question to those it would most noticeable affect: What times are beneficial for your region, that would not have too big of an impact on family and social time, yet allow you a good nights rest?

And would someone like to take on the role of facilitator for such a time?