13 Feb 2020 Meeting Notes

WordPress beta 1 has been released (https://wordpress.org/news/2020/02/wordpress-5-4-beta-1/). Marius (@Clorith) requests that support volunteers test this release so that we’re ready to help users with the changes. Specific areas to test are the Editor, Site Health, The Editor, and The Editor. (Roadmap for this release is at https://make.wordpress.org/core/5-4/)

International Checkin

The regular International forum liaisons’ checkin all report things are OK in their respective forums.

Yui ゆい (@fierevere) expressed our collective sadness about the cancellation of WordCamp Asia, though we appreciate the concerns for public health. Daniel (@diddledan) noted that public health is priority.

Marcio (@marcio-zebedeu) spread the good news that we now have a new Portuguese Angola (pt_AO) localised forum (https://pt-ao.wordpress.org/support/forums/), and requested help with ideas to form a strategy for providing ongoing support. Marius (@Clorith) suggested that spreading awareness of the new forum to local meet-ups would be a good first step. We all agreed that sharing on Social Media, such as LinkedIn, is an excellent idea.

Open Floor

Joy (@joyously) Requested feedback about a Core ticket because they were unclear on the changes and how to help the user. This appears to be fallout from WordPress 5.3 that we need to be aware of. James (@macmanx) pointed out that we can’t, as support volunteers, control changes to Core and the ramifications to understanding but suggested that we simply take note of the changes. Marius (@Clorith) said that it’s not a good idea to spam the ticket with agreements or me-too comments.