February 7th Support Team Meeting Summary

Apologies for the tardiness, flu season was brutal, we’re back up and running now!

General announcements

Gutenberg 5.0 landed yesterday, and includes so many widgets as blocks! So if you’re excited about that, give it a spin, see how things are working and partake in improving on things that aren’t working as expected. Widgets as blocks are still experimental-sort of, after all.

Checking in with international liaisons

We had representation from Sweden, Italy, Netherlands and Russia during this weeks gathering.

Open floor

It’s hard to show appreciation for support volunteers, to help with this we’re looking at doing what many others have done, and having a special appreciation day, where we promote the giving of thanks to those that give of their own time. This will of course be an all year endeavor, but one day a year we’ll focus heavily on it to spread the word.


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