January 10th Support Team Meeting Summary

General announcements

Next up, a reminder to those with moderation powers on WordPress.org forums: If you are archiving posts or topics, or are flagging an account, you always leave a response as to why they were flagged/archived, and what this means. If you are flagging the user, you also add a user note on the topic so we know why, where and when the flag was applied.

More intuitive mentions in the forums

We’ve got a more user friendly at-mention system in place now, which allows you to more easily reference other participants in a topic.

This means if you start a word with @you will have the ability to auto-complete the reference to another participant in the topic you are currently in, reducing the amount of incorrect references made.

There’s the possibility of extending this functionality, so that plugin support reps are included by default when in a plugins support area, if you have thoughts about this please let us know in the comments field, this will only be considered if there’s a legitimate need for it.

Checking in with international liaisons

Members of the Swedish, Russian, Hindi, Dutch, German and Italian communities were present for this weeks discussions.

The German community has expressed concern about losing valuable contributors over a short period. The lack of appreciation and acknowledgement can have a negative impact, and we can hopefully find a way to turn this trend although we have no actionable items at this time.


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This has never happened before

Literally every speed runner ever at Games Done Quick