October 4th Support Team Meeting Summary

WordPress 5.0

The tentative schedule for WordPress 5.0 has been put up, and barring any changes, we are currently looking at a November 19th release.

If the 5.0 release should be pushed back, a 4.9.9 release focused on PHP 7.3 compatibility will be pushed in its stead until the new year, but for now the 4.9.9 release is put on ice.

Checking in with international liaisons

Members of the Swedish, Italian, Greek, German, Urdu, Dutch, Spanish, Russian and Serbian communities were there to let us know how things are going in the other corners of our lovely support community.

Open floor

The HelpHub progression is currently waiting on the meta team to finish some stuff on their end before manual content import can begin.

The Health Check plugin, despite its awesomeness, may not always be the ideal solution to every problem. 500 Errors often mean you don’t have access to your site, and recommending a plugin in those cases is more likely a bad experience for end users.


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