October 11th Support Team Meeting Summary

Quarterly Check-in

There was one special item that was Quarterly Check-in in which following questions are asked & discussed.

  • What is the team’s one-sentence top priority right now (and what’s the ETA)?
    • Preparing for the upcoming 5.0 release
  • What struggles is the team having?
    • Finding a good balance when being stonewalled by users seeking help and when to walk away, and avoiding escalated tempers in such cases.
    • Recruitment (always a crows favorite)
  • What is one thing you are all proud of this quarter?
    • With how well the team, on a global level, has managed to maintain a good flow of user engagement through support.

Checking in with international liaisons

Members of the Swedish, Italian, Greek, Urdu, Dutch, Spanish, Brazilian, Russian and Serbian communities were there to let us know how things are going in the other corners of our lovely support community.

Open Floor

In open floor following stuff is shared:

  • Meta WordCamp team is planning to convert the WordCamp shortcodes into blocks.
  • The a11y team (#accessibility) has recently experienced some change-ups and we could use some more volunteers – if any of you have accessibility experience (or want to learn more) you’re more than welcome to attend our weekly chats.


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