August 2nd Support Team Meeting Summary

WordPress 4.9.8 preparations

We’ve prepared the new master topic for the plugin’s support forums.

It sets expectations, provides quick insights and links to the official FAQ page in the Gutenberg handbook. We’ll add a FAQ section if we see a need, in the topic it self, as the official one is more developer oriented.

If/when we receive reports of theme and plugin conflicts we’ll be adding them there to the list of known conflicts. This will let us know what we should test against, and also give users an indication of if their issue is already covered by us.

Checking in with international liaisons

We had representatives from the Russian, Greek, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian and German communities take part during this weeks meeting.

If you’re attending out meetings but are from a non-mentioned community, feel free to say hi on their behalf and let us know how things are!

Open floor

A reminder that the Forums channel will be in “release mode”, this means we will avoid general chatter/emoji streams to avoid missing important shared information.


@afsanamultanii, @amboutwe, @bcworkz, @bemdesign, @bethannon1, @clorith, @contentiskey, @felipeelia, @fernandot, @fierevere, @jcastaneda, @numeeja, @peterbooker, @RDD, @stephencottontail, @sterndata, @tokyobiyori, @xkon, @zodiac1978 and @zoonini attended.

Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)

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