June 7th Support Team Meeting Summary

General announcements

The Health Check plugin (the tool used for providing support, both by our volunteers but also by theme and plugin authors) is preparing to release version 1.1.0, and as such the files are ready to be translated. If you are a polyglot we welcome you to help out with translations!

WordPress 4.9.6

No new issues, that aren’t already known in some way, have been noticed.

We also see that with the exception of confusion about the comment checkbox not always being present, users aren’t having many issues with the new privacy tools.

Checking in with international liaisons

The Italian, Serbian, Swedish, Brazilian, RussianGerman and Spanish representatives let us know that things are looking good in the wider world!

Open floor

The next batch of volunteer badges will be assigned when the ones responsible for it return from their break, until then just make sure to keep the volunteer spreadsheet up to date. (Are you an international representative and don’t know about it, please send a Direct Message to @clorith and he will get you sorted).

Image embeds are still only restricted to embeds from the CloudUp service, we will likely re-introduce support for imgur at some point as well.


@bcworkz, @bemdesign, @bethannon1, @clorith, @contentiskey, @cristianozanca, @felipeelia, @fernandot, @fierevere, @firoz2456, @glorialchemica, @hardeepasrani, @lasacco, @macmanx, @mariovalney, @nikolam, @numeeja, @pbiron, @stephencottontail, @sterndata, @t-p, @tobifjellner and @zodiac1978 attended.

Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)

Contributor tips
Providing support is a great entry to contributing, why not include your local meetup and answer questions as a group, it’s also awesome to see the range of possible solutions that people have!