May 3rd Support Team Meeting Summary

General announcements

As is customary, prepare for Gutenberg questions by filling in our public document. You don’t need to know the answers to any questions, and don’t worry about them possibly no longer being relevant as we will curate the list before release to address any items that may have been sorted by that time.


WordPress 4.95 and 4.9.6

There are no new 4.9.5 issues.

The beta for WordPress 4.9.6 is out, it introduces tools to help build privacy compliance and if you can please help test as there’s definitely room for improvements in various flows!


Checking in with international liaisons

We had members from the Swedish, Brazilian, Greek, Russian, Spanish, German and Serbian communities this week, reporting good weather and good times!


Open Floor

It was brought up that the Theme Review Team is discussing opening themes up to pass without human review, and relying on reviews on .org to weed out the bad stuff. There is a known expectancy of reliance when fetching themes from, but It’s not on us to dictate how they conduct their team and processes, but if this is something you are passionate about you may wish to join the discussion in the #themereview channel on Slack.



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