Support bug scrub!

This isn’t really a common occurrence in our room, but there’s currently a large chunk of meta tickets under the support forum component.

What we will be doing is going through them (I am hoping to just power through all of them, 105 at this time), and classify/close them. Many items are likely covered by the bbPress 2.x migration, or we’ve worked in other solutions and procedures over the years instead.

We should also take this time to prioritize any existing tickets, what are must haves, and what is just for convenience sake.

If you’ve never been to a bug scrub before, or have wanted to join one but it’s felt daunting, think of this as a learning experience. We’ll go through it at a less hectic pace (won’t limit it to just an hour) so that those who are not very familiar with it can join at their own pace.

We’ll start the process tomorrow, March 9th 2018, 19:00:00 UTC, in #forums. So get your favorite beverage, some snacks, and we’ll get things cleaned up!