March 22nd Support Team Meeting Summary

As mentioned in the agenda post, this was all about the upcoming callout to invite users to test the Gutenberg editor.

@karmatosed covered our needs nicely:

-Solid, robust docs: including docs for those supporting and education on Gutenberg common issues.
-Solid, robust reporting routes: no matter what system (trac/github/owls)
-Solid support forum monitoring by more than me
-Solid triage of bugs that come in


Robust documentation

The first item, docs, is being collaborated in a Google Document to gather common questions (and answers) that we see now, and are likely to see when users get involved.


Reporting / Triaging

Second item, reporting, is a bit more tricky. Currently issues are filed on GitHub. We’ve historically created Trac tickets for users (those who are comfortable with Trac) when we’ve had core updates.
It’s therefore not unlikely that those comfortable with GitHub may create issues there on behalf of the users, so that users can focus on a foru mtopic and not need to worry about various other platforms.

The format we’ve used in the past is as such:

  • Confirm forum post is a legitimate issue
  • Check if a ticket already exists for this issue
  • Create a new ticket if one does not exist
  • Respond to the user, acknowledging the issue or enhancement they had, and link to the created ticket so they can follow along at their own pace if they so desire.



When changes are proposed, users can often become get very passionate, it’s therefore important to keep tabs on what is going on. the modlook tag is still monitored by moderators, but this may not always be ideal, and there are a few other scenarios to consider.

We want to keep as much of the Gutenberg feedback on the plugin support forum for Gutenberg it self, this both helps containing information in one location, and avoids confusing other non-testing users across the forums as a whole. The easiest way to keep track of incoming Gutenberg topics is to follow the gutenberg tag, this also means we can tag topics outside the plugin forum with gutenberg.

Grabbing a mods attention may be desired without having to leave a reply to tag something with modlook, for this the #forums Slack channel is ideal, leave a link in the channel, we can agree on a prefix term to use that moderators can have pings enabled for, this would allow an available mod to look at the topic in question within a more reasonable time.


Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)