March 1st Support Team Meeting Summary


  • HelpHub draws ever closer, please read about the current state of it, as it affects our support efforts
  • We have an upcoming support workshop on March 16: Dealing with Angry Users
  • Just a reminder that WordPress 4.9.3 broke automatic background updates, so if you encounter anyone still on 4.9.3, please kindly direct them in how to update manually from Dashboard > Updates.

WordPress 4.9.4

WordPress 4.9.4 has been out for a week. So far we haven’t had any trouble.

Checking in with international liaisons

The Russian, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Greek communities had representatives stop by our meeting this week.

If you do support for WordPress in non-English speaking communities, please do stop by and say hello during our meetings so we can share experiences.


@stephencottontail @macmanx @lasacco @cristianozanca @firoz2456 @jdembowski @bethannon1 @anevins @numeeja @bcworkz @zoonini @sterndata @fierevere @contentiskey @t-p @otto42 @zodiac1978 @howdy_mcgee @tobifjellner @pmfonseca @fernandot @xkon @sergeybiryukov @clorith @yaniiliev attended.

And, a special thanks to @stephencottontail for leading the meeting while @clorith was traveling!

Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)

Contributor tips
If you simply use WordPress, you already know enough to help people. It’s ok to seek out topics that you’re comfortable with. You don’t have to know everything to make an impact in someone’s WordPress experience.