Agenda for March 22nd Support Meeting

This weeks meeting will be a bit special, we’ve only got one item planned, and will intentionally limit it to this.

Gutenberg is getting closer and closer, and the proposed callout in core is, more likely than not, going to be in WordPress 4.9.5.
As this is a minor release, that means it will be auto-installed for most users, and we are inviting them to install Gutenberg and test it on their site.

In preparation of this, we should brainstorm potential user outcomes, questions they may have, and pitfalls they may encounter. We might not have the immediate answer to all of these, but we will coordinate such questions with the Gutenberg team so that we can create a special master list for this scenario to direct users to.

We should also make note of any other needs we see in relation to this that may be actionable and we can get in place to ease things for everyone. It’ll likely be a little bit crazy right after the callout goes live.

Don’t forget to double check the time, clocks are changing!
The meeting will be Thursday, March 22, 2018, 17:00 UTC in #forums on Slack. (a Slack account is required)