WordPress 4.9 Master List Draft

As 4.9 nears it’s release, and we’ve now entered the Release Candidate stage, it is safe to say that the next version of WordPress is feature-ready. This means we need ot start thinking of what items need to go into our Master List for this release (popularly referred to as the OMGWTFBBQ post).

For those unfamiliar, the support team publishes a master list with potential got’chas users may experience when using a new version of WordPress, be it changed interfaces, new headlined features, or removed features. It’s important to keep in mind that this is a draft post, and not the final product, the finished result will be posted on the forums after the new release is out.

The fixed data will be gathered from our handbook pages about the master list, and variable, version specific, changes will be supplemented from the list below.

Core Changes


Not a Bug

  • <List of things perceived as a bug, but aren’t>


Known Issues

  • <Populated as issues arise in the forums>


Reported Bugs

  • <Populated as issues arise in the forums>