November 2nd Support Team Meeting Summary

General announcements

The WordPress 2017 survey is up, help us understand how WordPress is used so we can better align its direction by filling it out, it only takes a few minutes.

Time zones and daylight savings are again showing their faces, a quick tally shows that the current time of 16.00 UTC is still a favorable time for the majority of us, but we’ll do another check at the next gathering when the whole world has finished with these shenanigans.

WordPress 4.9

We’re getting very close to the 4.9 release date, and as such the draft for the master list has gone up as is customary, if there are core changes or gotchas we should prepare for, please provide them as comments on that post.

WordPress 4.9 Master List Draft

As mentioned, release date is growing ever closer, so if possible please help test. Release Candidate (RC) means it should be feature complete and all known bugs are taken care of, so it should be safe to test in any way you can think of at this point.

Checking in with international liaisons

The Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian communities stopped by for this weeks meeting. We love to hear feedback from the non-English parts of the community, so if you know someone who’s from a locale we don’t often hear from, feel free to invite them over, there’s value in sharing after all!



@abletec, @anevins, @bcworkz, @bdbrown, @clorith, @cristianozanca, @fierevere, @firoz2456, @geoffreyshilling, @hardeepasrani, @howdy_mcgee, @jamiekennedy, @jdembowski, @josearcos, @keesiemeijer, @liamdempsey, @macmanx, @matheusfd, @pmfonseca, @sterndata, @t-p, @tobifjellner and @zodiac1978 attended.

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