September 7th Support Team Meeting Summary

Checking with international liaisons

Things are trotting along nicely in the Swedish, Spanish, Italian and German communities, the Spanish team also hit a milestone of not having a single topic without an answer!

If you’re part of the support community but not using the WordPress forums, feel free to join as well, we know that it’s not for everyone to be on, that shouldn’t limit you from joining and sharing experiences.

Clarification on User Notes usage

User notes come with an edit feature, this is intended for fixing typos, or fixing incorrect information in a user note, it does not change who created the note for this reason. If you have information on a user, you should add your own new note, to maintain the history in the right chronological order.

Non-org themes or plugins

We sometimes get support requests for themes (or plugins) that are open and free for everyone, but not on, there’s nothing wrong with this, they may not have a proper support outlet for example.

As an example here, we’ll use themes you can get from Jetpack after their recently introduced theme feature, these are free themes not (yet) available on that users may need help with, in such cases adding the wpcom-theme tag will bring it to the attention of the Automattic theme team. So far they’re the only ones that watch tags on the forums like this that we’re aware of, but we would happily encourage other theme shops with free themes or plugins to do the same. Please note that these alerts aren’t global across all forums though, so from our example they only work on the international forums.

I put emphasis on free, as our guidelines are still in effect with regards to supporting premiums content on our forums.


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Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)