August 3rd Support Team Meeting Summary

General announcements

WordPress 4.8.1 is out, and it includes the new Custom HTML widget, as well as notices for the existing widget if it enters legacy mode or detects HTML usage.

To help facilitate the potential confusion with the notices, a section has been added to the master list.

It also seems some page builders (and thus potentially other plugins that interact with the editor) have incompatibilities with WordPress 4.8.1, making some controls hidden or inaccessible in the editor. Direct users to their plugin/theme developers to get patches up and running please.

Forum Welcome and Forum Guidelines

Next up, a reminder that the Forum Welcome and Forum Guidelines (for the international forums) now live on the forum them selves, and not to link to the old handbook pages. Sending users into the handbook can feel overwhelming and cumbersome, it’s a much better experience for them to be kept within the forum area.

Rosetta sites can of course still handle their forum welcomes or guidelines in whichever manner they feel is most appropriate for their users, we understand that communities and regions differ in their approaches and the way we do it on the international forums are primarily as a guide for those who wish for something to start off with and build on if anything.

Checking with international liaisons

The Swedish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Spanish and Russian communities are all enjoying the seasonal weather, and have nothing out of the ordinary to bring up.

Open floor

A notice that the img tag has been removed from the forum post creator, this was included with the bbPress2 upgrade, but not intended to be used as we don’t want images from unknown sources being posted as it poses various risks. Embeds from pre-approved sources with proper moderation tools and processes will instead be whitelisted, so we will still allow users to post their screenshots if they wish, but through a safer approach.


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