August 24th Support Team Meeting Summary

Support workshop

Our first run at a support workshop was held this week, and gave some good insights into how to approach future ones where we wish to invite various support providers within the WordPress community to share how they approach the task in an effort to improve as a group.

The format of allowing questions leading up to the session, and having a Q&A at the end seems to have gone over well and we’d recommend keeping to a similar format as we’re certain users will always have questions (it also helps when people can type out questions, as they may not be comfortable with speaking, be it language barriers or otherwise).

We’re hoping to get some feedback from attendees moving forward on how they felt it all play out as well.

Checking with international support liaisons

The Russian, Swedish, Hindi, Italian and Japanese communities dropped by and let us know that things are still progressing well for them and they have no major hiccups.

Open floor

Improvements to the forum guidelines were proposed, as the derailing of a topic can occur and we didn’t have any scenario that covers when this occurs as a result of the topic owner them selves changing tracks. Some of the rosetta sites have already implemented their own variations of this and we will also introduce this to the international forums as it’s a good resource for our volunteers to refer to.


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