June 2nd Support Team Meeting Summary


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WordPress 4.5.2 (and 4.5.3?)

Nothing new came up for the current release of WordPress, but 4.5.3 is on the horizon.

Tagging Hosting Threads

If a specific hosting provider is directly mentioned in a thread (any hosting provider), please feel free to add the name of that hosting provider as a tag. Many hosting providers now have employees who reply to related threads, so this will help them out quite a bit, as well as provide further consideration for inclusion on the hosting page.

If a hosting provider notices that their tag is on a thread which is legitimately not related to them, they can ask for it to be removed.

Custom Titles for Verified Host Support

Speaking of hosting support, if you’re an admin or a mod who notices a particular user replying to a lot of a particular host’s threads, and that user has an email address @[hosting-provider.whatever], please DM them on Slack to ask if they want their member title set to [Hosting Provider] Support. (please ask first, not everyone will want this)

Domain Shorthand

As per the news yesterday, a commonly mistaken domain shorthand has been donated to the WordPress Foundation. (not directly mentioned here because it’s still filtered and replaced with the official shorthand, w.org )


Shoutout to @kenshino for running the last two meetings! Thank you!

Moving Threads

If you see a thread in the Multisite, Localhost, or Alpha/Beta forums which does not directly match their obvious subjects, please move it elsewhere.

Reaching the Limits of Free Support

We have added a new Pre-defined Reply titled “Reaching the Limits of Free Support.” The text is as follows:

At this point, we’ve reached the limits of what most in the community here are willing to offer in their spare time (everyone here is a volunteer). You should consider hiring someone so that you can give them direct access to the site for a far more efficient fix than we can provide here.

Please try http://jobs.wordpress.net/ or http://directory.codepoet.com/ and do not accept any hire offers posted to these forums.

We will keep this thread open, unless it veers too far off course, in case someone from the community is willing to provide further help here for free.

Asking for Login Credentials

Please remember that we cannot allow anyone to ask for login credentials in the support forums, even if they’re plugin/theme developers replying in their own forums. Plugin/theme developers are allowed to ask users to contact them elsewhere (via a contact form or email address), and what happens there is their own business, but we can’t allow anyone to ask for login credentials on the forums specifically.

Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)