February 11th Support Team Meeting Summary

WordPress 4.4.2

We have yet to encounter any common issues introduced by WordPress 4.4.2.

IRC Status

@clorith is taking lead on the IRC enhancements discussed last week.

We have a Handbook page featuring information on moderating in IRC, the reporting tool will likely be completed before next week’s meeting, and the promotion of our two new IRC moderators will follow shortly after.

HelpHub Status

HelpHub development began on GitHub last week. @justingreerbbi and @kenshino are both helping with development and serving as our liaisons on the project, though more help is always welcome.

Content planning will likely begin next week.

Handling Conflicts as a Team

The following sage advice is from the wise @ipstenu:

Sometimes people push your buttons and it’s ​_okay_​ to not want to have to engage with them. We’re never all going to get along. Part of being a good mod is respecting when people don’t like you and leaving them the heck alone if possible.

I just want to stress ​_we_​ individuals do not have to be able to communicate with every single person, and that’s why we’re a team. Working with X leads to arguments and fights? Ask someone else to step in.

Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)