January 7th Support Team Meetup Summary

WordPress 4.4.1

We are happy to report that all “Reported Oopsies” in 4.4 have been resolved by 4.4.1, though we have added a new reply listing known issues with 4.4.1.

Global Contributor Drive

@jenmylo, @bethannon1, and @kenshino are now in contact and beginning to iron out details for our Global Contributor Drive on January 30 and 31. For more details on the Global Contributor Drive, see the summary from the last meetup.

Suggesting Alternatives to Reviewers

We have determined that it is generally acceptable to propose competing alternatives to someone who leaves a negative review, but context is key. Obvious spam is still obviously spam.

Improve Language Suggester for Forums

Some Support Team members have noticed inaccuracies with the languages proposed by the infamous yellow box which suggests a forum in your language if your language doesn’t match the forum you’re viewing. Technical solutions were proposed, but the team also came to the conclusion that a single suggestion may not be the best experience for everyone. As such, a link to Support Forums in Your Language will be added to the “Getting Started Resources” section on the forum’s main page once strings and such are figured out.

Read the meetup transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)