Freenode IRC name cleanup

Freenode will be doing some services maintenance on October 2nd and remove inactive accounts, this means that if anyone has “prominent” names and want to retain them, they should make sure they’ve identified to their names before that date to avoid being removed as inactive.

Freenode put out the details on but in essence: If you’ve not identified within the past 120 days, you’ll be removed.

This is particularly important for the names set as founders of the various WordPress channels.

Normally, a channel gets dropped, or moved to a successor if one is set, when the founders names are removed, we’d like to keep our channels even if we primarily use SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at 🙂

A quick check of the channels I know of shows the following founder names that haven’t identified in quite some time, and should do so before the cutoff date: @photomatt @nacin @samuelsidler @westi @aaroncampbell @waclaw @koke and @jjj