Support Team Update for December 4th

Items discussed at this week’s Support Team meetup:

WordPress 4.1 beta2 and testing

The next release is out very soon and there will be at least one release candidate. If you have not done so already then please consider testing the beta. With the beta tester plugin that’s a very simple thing to do.

We discussed if anyone had seen or experienced any show stoppers. Except for Matthew (@kidsguide) reporting a problem installing the latest beta there wasn’t anything major.

I’ll be posting to make/support a draft of the OMGWTFBBQ post for the WordPress 4.1 release. New items in that post will include things like

  1. Welcome to the Twenty Fifteen theme
  2. Where did distraction free writing go?
  3. What is Focus?

It’ll be a draft so items that I’ve missed can be added.

The Support Team Handbook welcome is more welcomey

@macmanx and @justingreerbbi had some suggestions and after a small talk the changes were made. Meaning that when Justin shared an image of his idea I pounced and made him an editor on make/support.

If you’ve an idea for the handbook then please ping the support team on the #forum Slack channel. It takes very little time and with revisions it’s hard to really mess anything up. This is how the support team hooks people to do work for the community. 😉

Spam accounts and a block everywhere button?

We discussed the idea that once a bot is used and blocked in one place then perhaps that should automatically extend to other places such as the Codex, Ideas, plugins, trac, etc. Otto pointed out that that may not be a good idea. It doesn’t address the problem necessarily and blocks really are easy to get around.

@mercime did have a list of spam bot accounts (and that that list exists makes me feel better about my own Sock Puppet thing!) and it was agreed that those accounts shall be “banished from space and time”. But no automated button or process, it’s not the best way to work that problem.

Forum Moderator/Admin cleanup

I’m past due doing it but I’ll be reviewing all the existing moderator accounts. If a moderator hasn’t posted in 6 months then their account will be made “Member” and their custom title will not have Volunteer Moderator in it.

This is something that’s done for security (look up the idea of “least privileges”) or perhaps people want to take a break from the forums and moderating. There will be exceptions and anyone who’s access has been downgraded can get that restored in a quick flash.

Suggesting items for the agenda

This was a post meetup item but if you have an idea you would like considered in the next meetup then you can reply to these update posts or the weekly agenda post on make/support. Or in the Slack channel, all ideas are welcomed.

The transcript of this meetup can be found at this link.