T-Shirt Ideas

The docs team has a t-shirt. Why don’t we? Because we’re incredibly lazy.

I want to preface this with a reminder: This does not mean we will actually get the shirts. This is an idea, and eventually we’ll need to ask people like @andreamiddleton or @camikaos if we can do this at all.

Proposed Text

“You look like a WordPresser that supports 23% of the Internet. – #tyrell14”

There’s a story there, but if you were at #wcsf you probably heard it. Suffice to say, Tyrell became our meme in a surprisingly safe for work way.

Proposed Graphic

Much to @macmanx‘s disappointment, we can’t use an animated GIF. The rest of us sigh in relief.

I also can’t draw. Or design like that.

Suggestions Welcome!

I know the text is a little WCSF centric, but this shirt will be for the folks who were, y’know, at WCSF this year (if possible).