Support Team Update for June 12th

Items discussed at the #wordpress-sfd meetup:

The Troubleshooting Handbook

The discussion was about organizing the ToC and getting the content from @Ipstenu‘s Break/Fix site into that new handbook.

Markr (@podz) had put together a spreadsheet and shared it online that divides the new handbook into section. We agreed that those sections made sense. It’s not set in stone but it’s a good start.

Once there is content in the new handbook I will add a link to that handbook in the make/support sidebar.

Contributors wanted!

Too bad there’s not a “Uncle WordPress wants YOU” graphic lying around. I think grumpy cat is more the support team’s mascot. 😉

The Troubleshooting Handbook will need content. The posts that @ipstenu has in her break/fix site will be migrated/copied to the new site by @jerrysarcastic and I’m itching to write a post for the “Giving Support” section.

But there are many examples in the support forums and in IRC that can and should be used in the new handbook. If you’ve seen or contributed a post for plugin or theme support that struck you as a particularly good answer (and I’m looking at @josh401, @jnhghy and @emg as a blatant and not so subtle attempt on my part to get content) then that can be used.

If you’ve wanted to contribute or have a post for consideration please share it in the comments. Even a link to a support topic or IRC conversations can get the

The transcript of the meetup can be read at this link.