Team Reps – 2013 Proposal

We’ve been asked to propose new reps. I’m going to recommend Jan D. (aka @jdembowski ) because he’s very active in the forums and has a finger on the pulse of what’s going on there. That said, in light of his work being a dink and not letting him IRC, I’m willing to act as his ‘mentor’ and fill in at IRC time.


  1. Posting weekly update – NOTE: Support and Docs will SHARE a post on Fridays. Each rep will be responsible for their half, but are expected to keep up to date with the other group.
  2. Representing the team in interactions with other teams
  3. Putting together the agenda for weekly meetings
  4. Moderating IRC weekly meetings
  5. Posting on support the outcomes of meetings as needed.

In all cases, delegation to someone else when those cannot be met for whatever reason.

This needs to be sorted by Tuesday (sorry for the short notice, we’re WordPress), so please +1/-1 as needed. If you want to nominate yourself, or someone else, go for it 🙂