International forums

Hi guys, Here in Brazil the moderators team are trying to improve the user experience while using our forums, for both moderators and common users. I guess we have the same problems every other forums have, but ours can be worst, because we also suffer from the lack of Portuguese Documentation. There’s an effort to translate the Codex, but the job is insane. So, I know you’re trying to improve the forums experience, I’ve read this post But I’d like to know what came out of it, what we could do to help you implement some of those ideas and I’d like to know if there are any “official guidelines” for us to maintain an international forum. as far as I know, the only guide we have is this one: It is about how to start one, I maybe wrong, but there’s nothing on the topic of how we should maintain it, about what policies we should adopt, etc. We use our good sense, we try to follow the English forums example, but it would be good to have some sort of guidance. 😉