Forum Mod Cleanup

I’ve cleaned up the forum moderator/admin list.

  • If you’re an admin or a mod who HAS NOT posted in the forum in over a year, you’re now a member.
  • If you’re an admin who hasn’t posted in 6months, you’re a mod.

Of the lof, 24 out of 25 were absent 12+ months, even a bunch of Automatticians, who are (yes) members now. Custom titles are applied where appropriate.

Everyone gets the 30-second thinf removed, since you were trusted once, we still trust ya a lot 😉 Ditto Akismet Always Trust.

Let me know…

  • If you think I got you by accident.
  • If you think I SHOULD have dropped your access level (i.e. you wanna retire)

IMO if you only post once a month, and you still help out, there’s no reason to dump you unless you go postal over people and need time out 😉 The next round of picking new admins and mods will start with the 3.6 release. How do you get picked? Be active, be helpful, don’t lose your blob. Showing some initiative is always good, knowing when someone’s trolling is great. Most of the time, we start with you as a mod, which is limited, but when you’re a super star, that lasts as long as how annoyed I get having to block users for you.

What? You thought this was an exact science?

If you think someone should be an awesome mod (or shouldn’t be one anymore), feel free to ping me publicly or privately, as you see fit. I trust your judgements!