What to do with commercial plugin/theme topics?

On the wp-forums mailing list this morning, there spawned a good conversation about how commercial plugin/theme support threads should be handled in the forums.

There were several good questions raised including:

  • Should there be a better way to segregate commercial plugin/theme support topics?
  • How can we better organize said topics into one place? Should we?

The conversation spawned from this thread and how these situations should be handled. Jan summed it up pretty well with:

I was going to reply along the lines of “Please be nice to the plugin
author, they are providing support for free and on their own time” when I
realized wlbryan was their customer.

Given that we routinely tell people that commercial code is not supported
here, why is WOWsliders.com using the forums like this? Is that really
permitted or even a good idea?

As @jane pointed out, make:support might be a more apt venue for the conversation, so here we go.

#commercial-support, #plugins, #themes