Team Rep Voting Results

Hola! Here are the results of the voting for this team.

11 people voted. The breakdown:

Please describe your role with the support team

  • 5 – I am an active forum moderator, and have been active on the forums within the past 3 months
  • 4 – I’m an active participant and would like to level up to moderator status
  • 1 – I don’t plan to get involved
  • 1 – I have not been involved yet, but I plan to start
  • 0 – I’m a moderator who wasn’t active in the last 3 months, but I have been in the past

Describe your forums activity.

  • 8 – I troubleshoot more difficult issues
  • 8 – I troubleshoot basic issues
  • 7 – I check for spam and inappropriate content
  • 6 – I help other people learn how to contribute in the forums
  • 4 – Other Option
  • 4 – I post questions in the forum
  • 2 – I don’t contribute to the forums
  • 0 – I comment on other people’s questions/answers but don’t troubleshoot
  • The four “other” responses were 4 docs and 1 IRC

Mika won the 1st slot in a unanimous vote.

The 2nd slot is not so clear. 9 of the 11 voters entered a name for the 2nd slot.
Both Siobhan and Jan got more than one vote. Since we just broke out docs into a separate group, Siobhan will be the rep for that team. Jan hadn’t said he was interested and voted for someone else. 🙂 Other names put forth only got one vote each (and a couple of those are reps on other teams now, too). I’ve pinged Jan to see if he wants to take the 2nd rep role, but probably won’t know until after the holidays. If Jan chooses not to take the role, I think it makes the most sense to have Mika choose from the other names that were proposed (if they are interested).

Eventually I think we should rethink the “team” vs “project” designation, as we have already spread ourselves into so many teams (and so many people work on multiple teams’ projects) that appointing team reps is hard, which wasn’t the intention of creating teams/team sites. When we get to June and it’s time to vote again, we should consider consolidating some teams. I think the main reason separating them out seemed better now is because P2 makes it that way. If we had a modified theme that made it visually easier to have site sections for various projects (vs the plain text pages/cat list in the sidebar widget), we could bring more of the groups together.

Anyway, Mika is re-upped! 2nd slot TBD.