Open Issues from 3.5?

So what are the major hanging chads for problems we’ve seen in 3.5?

Here are the noisy ones I’ve been seeing lately:

  • Cron (posts that are scheduled not being kicked off)
  • jQuery/wpdb::prepare() shenanigans
  • Image uploads (has anyone seen problems with GIFs resizing?)

I also have two people claiming WP 3.5 upgrade moved their uploads to blogs.dir. Which sounds a little nuts no matter how I look at it. If anyone has an idea, help is welcome.

FYI I’ve deleted everything that was a complaint, or one-off bug report. I understand that it may seem like semantics here, but I’m looking for bugs more than 5 people have, and I do not mean you and your four friends on your site. Every release will have some one-off bugs. It’s not that I don’t care about those, but that’s not the point of this post 🙂 we’re tying to list, as moderators and volunteers, the issues we have seen come up most often, even if we personally have not experienced them. If you don’t understand the difference, please don’t post here 🙂