IRC Recap – Nov 1

DST messed us all up.

Teams: Pick One

When we start getting our groups sorted out, pick one. Part of our burnouts happen when we’re spread too thin, so pick one thing and run with it. If you do videos, do videos. You can help out here and there with the others, btu let that be your main focus 🙂 Once we all settle back in from traveling, we’ll sort out how we want to collect and direct our teams.

Rotating IRC

Since we can’t hit everyone, I’m thinking maybe we should start moving the times around so some days work better for others, etc etc. If everyone who wants to be in IRC can post their best times, I’ll come up with some rotating schedule for IRC chats, so everyone can get in.

Roadmap for Documentation

Andrea and Siobhan are going to sort out what needs to be Handbooked and what needs to remain codex’d. There’s a Wiki tag of <code>{{Handbook}}</code> that will start being slapped on pages we think should be brought into Handbooks. Many pages, like the functions etc, will stay as they are, as will info on permalinks. We need to discuss (on wp-docs) this roadmap at a high level, before we can get into the nitty gritty.Look for that 🙂

By the way, people have asked about Videos. The short version is “Are you interested?” I will be taking names and coordinating with Andrea M. to sort out how to get you other to WP TV 🙂 Just have to work with Andrea M, so she’s not overwhelmed! There will be a Video Post for you to toss your name in that hat.

User Guide

This has been copy-edited (yay! Thank you Christine) so the next round is ‘Pull in images from .com’ Whenever possible, just download the image from .com and upload. When not? Yes, we need a new screenshot. There are also some pages where we’re not 3.5’d yet, so feel free to tweak as you go. The Guide may not get a home until post 3.5, depending on how much time the .org server people have.