Oct 4th Meetup

We’re doing good! On track and everything.

The next sections are…

Customizing WordPress and Building Your WordPress Community

We need writers for:

  • Trackbacks
  • Pingbacks
  • Your WordPress Profile
  • GravatarGravatar Is an acronym for Globally Recognized Avatar. It is the avatar system managed by WordPress.com, and used within the WordPress software. https://gravatar.com/.

That said, we have a couple things that need a revisit:

Changes in 3.5 – Critical

  • Media (Jerry’s on it)
  • Static Front PageStatic Front Page A WordPress website can have a dynamic blog-like front page, or a “static front page” which is used to show customized content. Typically this is the first page you see when you visit a site url, like wordpress.org for example.

I know I’m forgetting things. Which reminds me to list the things we forgot:

Missing (but not critical)

  • QuickPress
  • Press This

If you can think of anything else, or want a page, shout 🙂 I know I’m all kinds of hectic right now, but I promise I’m paying attention.