Meetup – Summit Weekend

Thanks to your hard work, the Guide is good enough for version one! Every page has something. We know we need to fix images, and some sections need expansion. We’ll live.

Since this weekend is the community summit, and I am your rep (how did that happen?), is there anything, no matter how trivial, you think we should address?

I have the following:

  • Make it harder to break home/site URLs
  • Get rid of blogs.dir in Multisite, it makes us cry when we have to explain about /files/
  • More representation/help for Meetups! An official site? to compete with

And that’s it. So what’s really annoying you about WP, be it the forums (and thank you, @otto42 for the (Bozo) tags!) or IRC or anything in the support world you think is wrong/could be better/is perfect. Hey, may as well think about what’s great too!