Meetup – Final Lap!

Incomplete Pages:

These pages need to be done. If anyone knows an IIS/Plesk guru, please grab them and make them– Ask them nicely to help.

02 Setting Up WordPress

05 Creating Your Content With WordPress

  • Media – (@JerrySarcastic) (@JerrySarcastic)
  • – Embeds (videos etc) – (@JerrySarcastic) (@JerrySarcastic)
  • QuickPress (@JerrySarcastic) This is in The Dashboard – Quick Press
  • Press This
  • Static Front Page (@esmi)

08 Advanced WordPress

  • Importing/Exporting Content
  • Browser Issues – (@esmi)
  • Creative Commons – (@esmi)
  • Getting More Views and Traffic – (@esmi)

Cleanup/Copy Edit

All the pages need to be cleaned up for typos/content. If you have editor access, just fix it. if not, leave a comment. Also I’m going to delete the .com pages soon (like by the end of today), so then we can search for en.wordpress… and see what reeeealy needs a replacement.


Top Level Pages need a nice summary.

Next week…

Next week will just be open office hours, and minor cleanups. That weekend is WPCS, which was our goal for finishing Phase 1. Phase 2 is ‘Where do we put the handbook?’ which I suspect will be a beer filled discussion.