Summit Action Items!

One of the things discussed was ‘Action Items’ which are simple tasks we need to do, as a group or individuals! Support’s are interesting. Support is bigger than just Forums/IRC/StackEchange (where I feel I excel). To that end, we’re going to branch out and people will become the lead for subgroups. First up?

New Leads

General Support Lead: Mika

Group “Leads”:

  • Forums: Mika & Jan
  • Codex: Andrea R
  • Handbooks: Siobhan
  • Teach: Christine

Now don’t panic. I’m not leaving, but one of the many issues with the team reps is we’re spread too thin, and I need to do a little less to get more done. Anything not named directly falls under ‘support’, so even though I consider Rarst to be the StackExchange lead, it’d probably go through me for now.

These people were picked based on current activity in their fields, as well as their passions. This is our first step, however, and by no means the only or the final, so I’m sure things will continue to grow and change. I’m still the ‘lead’ here, so if you need a big stick, I’m a tweet/email away!

Also leads is really not the right word here. They’re just ‘People who are going to seed groups as they branch off into their own.’ Obviously teaching and documentation aren’t ‘support’ and really don’t belong here at all. More sites coming soon? Oh yes.

To Do List

  1. Moving the Handbooks to – Yeah! That’s the new home! As soon as we have learn sorted out (@nacin knows) we’ll get this going.
  2. Videos, videos, videos! This will probably branch off on it’s own, but we want to include videos. If you’re interested in reviewing videos, we’re going to be collecting names etc soon to help out on – Be aware, this will be a lot of work, but even if you can view one or two videos a day, we’re golden. Andrea M will be in on this, don’t worry.
  3. Teaching. For this we have Christine, who will be in charge of our collecting, reviewing, and posting on learn. More on that as soon as we sort out the learn sites with @nacin (probably
  4. Pulling in info from the codex to learn, and leaving the codex as more ‘for developers’ and learn as ‘how to’ will be lead by Andrea R, and to that end I added in a ‘Hey cool person!’ message at the bottom of every codex page when you edit it.

Attribution (Credit, Etc.)

I sat in on ‘Non-Code Contributions to WordPress’ and took notes about the different ways people contribute to core (of which the folks here are a major one). Nacin and I also sat down and banged about the best way to separate the people who code from the people who are awesome in non-code ways, because they are different and deserve different recognition. First of all, we’re going to clarify the ‘Credits’ page on WP installs to make it clear that’s for code contributions — this is in-line with how other Open-Source products handle that. Then we’re going to sort out the best way to do an ‘about’ page to include the community.

Rest assured, you are all really hugely important, and if you every feel like you’re not valued, know this: Thank you. All of you. Even if you did one thing this year, you helped. I appreciate you all.

Other Things…

Some of the topics you asked me to bring up I did, and they will show up in the other Make Blogs, so stay tuned to how we change up the front page of Make. Don’t forget to check out Make Meta while you’re at it!

I may be missing things, and some ALL of this is in flux. Remember, release then iterate!

I just spent a few hours making some…

I just spent a few hours making some edits. I found quite a bit of info that was incorrect so made changes. I also tried to use the same standards from page to page as in use bold instead of “” when highlighting some words. I covered all the pages from 06 to 08 except Multisite. I don’t do Multisite (terminator voice)

Meetup – Summit Weekend

Thanks to your hard work, the Guide is good enough for version one! Every page has something. We know we need to fix images, and some sections need expansion. We’ll live.

Since this weekend is the community summit, and I am your rep (how did that happen?), is there anything, no matter how trivial, you think we should address?

I have the following:

  • Make it harder to break home/site URLs
  • Get rid of blogs.dir in Multisite, it makes us cry when we have to explain about /files/
  • More representation/help for Meetups! An official site? to compete with

And that’s it. So what’s really annoying you about WP, be it the forums (and thank you, @otto42 for the (Bozo) tags!) or IRC or anything in the support world you think is wrong/could be better/is perfect. Hey, may as well think about what’s great too!

Planned Downtime Wednesday

If you’re not reading Make/Systems, you may have missed the announcement.

Wed. Oct 24th there will be downtime for .org because of maintenance

Naturally no one will be able to bitch to us about it, but if folks hunt your down personally, tell ’em “Yes, it’s okay, it’s planned.”

Meetup – Final Lap!

Incomplete Pages:

These pages need to be done. If anyone knows an IIS/Plesk guru, please grab them and make them– Ask them nicely to help.

02 Setting Up WordPress

05 Creating Your Content With WordPress

  • Media – (@JerrySarcastic) (@JerrySarcastic)
  • – Embeds (videos etc) – (@JerrySarcastic) (@JerrySarcastic)
  • QuickPress (@JerrySarcastic) This is in The Dashboard – Quick Press
  • Press This
  • Static Front Page (@esmi)

08 Advanced WordPress

  • Importing/Exporting Content
  • Browser Issues – (@esmi)
  • Creative Commons – (@esmi)
  • Getting More Views and Traffic – (@esmi)

Cleanup/Copy Edit

All the pages need to be cleaned up for typos/content. If you have editor access, just fix it. if not, leave a comment. Also I’m going to delete the .com pages soon (like by the end of today), so then we can search for en.wordpress… and see what reeeealy needs a replacement.


Top Level Pages need a nice summary.

Next week…

Next week will just be open office hours, and minor cleanups. That weekend is WPCS, which was our goal for finishing Phase 1. Phase 2 is ‘Where do we put the handbook?’ which I suspect will be a beer filled discussion.

Again with a meetup

The awesome Jerry is taking on Gravatars because it fits with the user section he has just completed.

HTTPS is still up for grabs.

Some proofreading going on and we’re wondering if we can un-techie “install on your own server” for newbies. Maybe soften it to “your web host”.

Jerry has moved “your Profile” from chapter 7 and put it under “Managing Users on your WordPress Site” in Ch06.

Also we noted about being careful with internal linking in the manual, depending on final home.

Fastest meetup ever! There were only 3 of us.

Today’s Meetup

In keeping with my whirlwhind crazy, I may miss today’s meetup (there was a baby born!). In case I miss it, here’s a quick update of who needs to do what 🙂

@jerrysarcastic – You’ve got ‘Adding Users’ which needs to get done.
@ericlewis – It looks like you finished comments (yay!) so remember to check it off on 😉
@andrea_r and @ipstenu – Multisite, you lazy moving pair!


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I cannot express how awesome you all are for getting us this far so fast!

Oct 4th Meetup

We’re doing good! On track and everything.

The next sections are…

Customizing WordPress and Building Your WordPress Community

We need writers for:

  • Trackbacks
  • Pingbacks
  • Your WordPress Profile
  • Gravatar

That said, we have a couple things that need a revisit:

Changes in 3.5 – Critical

  • Media (Jerry’s on it)
  • Static Front Page

I know I’m forgetting things. Which reminds me to list the things we forgot:

Missing (but not critical)

  • QuickPress
  • Press This

If you can think of anything else, or want a page, shout 🙂 I know I’m all kinds of hectic right now, but I promise I’m paying attention.