From Bluehost

Bryan Petty posted this to the wp-forums list:


I just thought it would be helpful to inform the forum mods here that
Bluehost is working on a large push for customers to get their WP sites
upgraded to the latest version.

We have a list of about 150k customers with WP installations that are
older than 3.3 which we are currently focused on, and have started the
first batch of email notifications for those customers. 30k emails went
out yesterday, and we will likely continue with another 15-25k every day
through next week until everyone has been notified.

Right now this is just a friendly reminder for our customer to upgrade
their own WP installs, but we will be pushing even harder on this in the
coming weeks.

So if you start to see a large increase in support posts, don’t be too
alarmed. We have informed our customers to contact our support team with
any questions or problems of course, and hopefully very few spill over
into the forums here unless they do have very legitimate problems that
should be addressed here so others with the same problem can find the
solution as well.

As a reminder, if you see these posts, make sure they’re tagged ‘bluehost’ 🙂 Anyone can tag any post!