Accessibility Team Community Summit Notes

Review and update the accessibility coding Standards

Considering the shift towards JS-based interfaces, we should consider to review and update the accessibility coding Standards.

Announcing dynamic content

We have:

For complex interaction wp.a11y.speak() may not be the best solution. When in doubt discuss solutions with the a11y team.


  • Accessibility handbook has not enough recourses
  • How to handle ARIA for screen readers
  • Fact is that traditional web apps reload gives feedback, that JS only apps can not provide. Are there tools we can leverage to help standards adoption?
  • JS interfaces still should be build with semantic HTML
  • React tends to use divs, but that’s not React itself, that’s bad programming
  • 10UP now released a complete library for WP . It’s in Github, so this is expandable
  • For the handbook we should refer to existing libs or someone to build them
  • There is a need for good information and components that are accessible


Important: The a11y team needs to do more teaching and sharing, instead of fixing things themselves. Specifications within accessibility tickets should contain code examples

  • We should share accessible components
  • Is it possible to abstract cases and give examples of good practices
  • Part of the standard tooling should be testing software react/axe
  • Give 10 point list of things to check
  • We should publish about for example audio feedback, focus management, ARIA


  • Should we block things? Are we okay with keeping that statement: WCAG 2.0.
  • Have things met the standard? Probably not.
  • What happens in tickets if it’s raised that it doesn’t work for WCAG?
  • How do we help in that situation? Someone should review major patches.
  • We don’t want to be a blocker. Accessibility has purification levels. Shoot high, but compromise.
  • What happens when someone blocks a ticket. It depends, no one really has.
  • Where’s the acceptable bar? Should work with keyboard only (arrow keys, etc. too). Semantic elements too. Labeled. This is a baseline expectation.
  • Struggled to know when/where discussions take place sometimes.

How to involve more developers with accessibility tickets

  • This is about how to bring more people into this team?
  • Why do some people stick around and others not stick around? Interesting, important. Time is valuable.
  • How do we maximize people’s time? Maybe story points, like in Scrum.
  • People don’t know how best to contribute.
  • Something like “good first bug” but for accessibility.
  • Short interview/onboarding for people interested.
  • Better way to manage priorities. Maybe spreadsheet to try it?
  • Non-Core items: Testing, theme reviews, tickets, documentation, support, education
  • Maybe use more keywords for this? Make list public so people know.
  • Best way to address is when teams ask for help.
  • Accessibility slows progress down when it comes at the end.
  • We need a mental shift of where accessibility fits. We need to let them know they can do it.
  • Works properly vs. get working.
  • Get people from outside community. Make a list and ask. Things they can do and achieve. Make a list of people we could bring in.
  • MITs: Settings API, Gutenberg, Media Views, Unified Search – Who?

How to proceed with the handbook

  • Make two pages: Tools and resources. Also, how to get involved.
  • Would potentially be easier to maintain.
  • Has been hard to get done because everyone is busy.

Good examples of ARIA, etc.

  • How to test resources.
  • List of what we’re working on.

What topics?

  • ARIA
  • Keyboard accessibility
  • Color contrast
  • Semantics

How should we divide topics?

  • By topic or need? Probably both.
  • Try to find resources that go beyond accessibility as it relates to disabilities.

Who can work on this?

  • Make small workgroup
  • Do Google Spreadsheet

Summary on make/accessibility

Takeaways from Paris

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Design Team Community Summit 2017 Recap

The design team made several posts from the focus team sessions and we are sharing them here as part of the recap. Each of these contains more details about what occurred and the decisions made on the day:

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Plugins Team Community Summit 2017 Recap

While a recap of our various talks (including hallway) have been collected in the link below, our primary conversations revolved around the following:

  • New Reviewers: There are some technical issues we’re working on that must be resolved before we can add new people. They include security ones, but also our rather archaic SupportPress tool. This is the biggest and has a lot of small steps and some weirdly large ones (like the idea of a dashboard, automated security checks, and more) so it’s not going to be anywhere near as fast as I want… Well. Release and iterate.
  • How to safely publicly disclose plugin closures (without dog shaming developers). This is logistically something to be concerned over, as the last thing we want to do is make WP and users a bigger target.
  • How to allow frameworks with the least pain for end-users as possible.

In order to meet our goals, we’re going to be discussing the improvements on many fronts at once, and I’m planing out times and dates for meetings for everyone to come and talk about one at a time. Think of it like town-halls.  You can read the details of everything in the linked post:

2017 Community Summit Notes

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WordPress Community Summit 2017: Attendees and Agenda Summary

The 2017 WordPress Community Summit (CS) is almost here. It will take place on Tuesday, June 13th and Wednesday, June 14th, the two days before contributor day at WordCamp Europe in Paris, France. All attendees should have received an email with venue and other important details. If you haven’t received such an email, or if you’re not able to attend, please let us know asap at

We would like to remind all teams and contributors the purpose and goal of the Community Summit:

“The main purpose of the summit is to move the WordPress project forward before and after the event, with the event being a milestone in a larger set of work.

With this main goal in mind, we’ll touch base with all team reps to figure out which of the topics proposed can be handled beforehand, and come up with topics that would be:

1) of importance to the project as a whole

2) would benefit from cross-team collaboration

3) will leave us in a better position than when we started”


How Attendees Were Selected

Unlike WordCamps or Contributor Days, the Community Summit has limited capacity both because of the venue size and the type of work that is required. The list of nominations was reviewed by a committee composed of experienced contributors, chosen for their broad overview of the project and its community: @aaroncampbell @petya @chanthaboune @helen @ipstenu and @_dorsvenabili

The committee reviewed the list of nominated contributors that we received from the original call for nominations (more info on the process and criteria).

In voting on each person, we kept several things in mind:

  • Active contributions to the project and that specific team
  • Influence/reach in the broader WordPress ecosystem (not just within
  • Employer (to prevent an overwhelming presence by one or few select companies)
  • Location (to have a decent international contingent and not be solely US-focused)
  • Differing Points of View (to ensure minority voices can be heard)



The list of attendees was formed from all those who were invited and confirmed their attendance:


@afercia @rianrietveld @davidakennedy @mor10 @samikeijonen


@schlessera @borekb @danielbachhuber @miyauchi


@andreamiddleton @andrescifuentesr @iaaxpage @mbigul @courtneypk @thewebprincess @jennybeaumont @emanuel_blagonic @francina @mayukojpn @hlashbrooke @ibonazkoitia @miss_jwo @kcristiano @lanche86 @travel_girl @markgazel @imath @paolal @remediosgraphic @sptorabi @_dorsvenabili @mahype @thabotswana @00sleepy @xibe


@adamsilverstein @boonebgorges @chriscct7 @desrosj @dd32 @iseulde @flixos90 @jjj @joehoyle @joemcgill @joen @johnbillion @kadamwhite @matt @marcs0h @matveb @voldemortensen @azaozz @swissspidy @rmccue @stevenkword @westonruter @peterwilsoncc @codebykat


@empireoflight @folletto @michael-arestad @melchoyce @saracannon @sonjanyc @karmatosed @liljimmi


@atachibana @kenshino @milana_cap


@aaroncampbell @andrewtaylor-1 @ddsucurinet @joostdevalk @mikehansenme @mikeschroder @stephdau


@tellyworth @coreymckrill @pento @iandunn @obenland @mapk


@catehstn @mbiais @kwonye


@ipstenu @otto42


@glueckpress @chiragpatel @carl-alberto @ocean90 @imnok @lasacco @openstream @petya @tacoverdo @vannkorn


@bethannon1 @cristianozanca @imazed @macmanx @clorith @sergeybiryukov @zoonini


@acalfieri @grapplerulrich @sakinshrestha @ionutn @poena


@wpaleks @chanthaboune


Summary of Community Summit Agenda

Day 1 (Tuesday, 13 June):

  • Individual team and cross-team discussions* which need in-person discussions

Day 2 (Wednesday, 14 June):

  • Continuing cross-team discussions*
  • Writing recaps for the make/summit p2 blog


Proposed Discussions

A few months ago, each team proposed topics that need in-person discussion ( List of proposed topics ). If teams need to amend or update their list, post any changes as a comment, please. The deadline is Friday, June 9th, at which point we will close comments and publish the list of topics for WordPress Community Summit 2017.


Travel Assistance Program Applicants

All guests, selected for the travel assistance program have been contacted via email by the organizing team, who will follow up in the next few days. Thanks so much to all our sponsors for making this Travel Assistance program possible!

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Community Summit 2017

The 2017 WordPress Community Summit (CS) will take place on Tuesday-Wednesday, 13-14 June, before WordCamp Europe in Paris, France (the venue will be in the XV district of Paris).

The CS is now in the planning stages, and this site will grow in the coming weeks to include information for attendees as well as event sponsorships, agenda, etc.

Based on the feedback and discussion p2 post ( about a new approach for the 2017 CS, these are the next steps for every contributor team.

Next Steps:

Team reps, please post the following in a comment to this post.
The deadline is March 3rd, 2017.

  1. A list of topics/issues which are relevant for the progress of the team and the WordPress open source project as a whole, prioritizing topics or tasks which are sensitive enough to specifically require in-person discussion.
  2. A list of representatives to attend the Community Summit (not limit-determined, but please keep in mind that our venue capacity limit is of 130 attendees), with selections based on several factors, including: representation of a wide, diverse range of opinions (based on the agreed-upon topics selected by each team), diversity, inclusion, and activity of the contributors.
  3. One or two contributors who are willing to help with the organization of the event: posts, communication, travel assistance, finding sponsors, etc. The intention of this approach is to propose a more open and team-focused Community Summit with transparent participation from all active contributors and reps of each team. This way we can hopefully anticipate barriers and cross-team difficulties that might come up, and avoid them.


  1. The contributors who are willing to work on the summit (referenced in #3, above) will join the WCEU team working on the Community Summit. If there are not enough contributors available to help organize, the WCEU team has volunteers available to help.
  2. We’ll work on finding sponsors to cover travel expenses for those contributors who face financial barriers. We’ll open a call for CS sponsors in the next days.
  3. For those teams with sub-teams, for example, Core: REST API, security, etc. the representation of these sub-teams will depend on the list of discussion topics provided by the team.
  4. In the next days, we’ll open an application form for people who aren’t invited as contributors, but who represent other interests within the wider WordPress Community.

Pinging all team reps:
Accessibility: @rianrietveld, @joedolson, and @afercia
Community: @francina and @hlashbrooke
Core: @jeffpaul, @helen
Design: @melchoyce, @karmatosed, @joen, @michaelarestad
Documentation: @kenshino
Test: @designsimply
Hosting: @mikeschroder
Marketing: @rosso99
Meta ( Site): @samuelsidler
Mobile: @astralbodies, @rachelmcr
Plugins: @ipstenu
Polyglots: @petya, @ocean90, @nao, @chantalc, @deconf, @casiepa
Support: @macmanx
Themes: @jcastaneda, @grapplerulrich
Training: @bethsoderberg
TV: @jerrysarcastic, @roseapplemedia
Cli: @danielbachhuber

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