Community Summit Non-Attribution Guideline

As we prepare for the Community Summit, we’d like to share the important guideline of non-attribution, to ensure productive and open discussions.

While we welcome and encourage you to share the content and insights from our discussion with others, we kindly request that you practice non-attribution. This means that outside the Summit you can discuss the general ideas and themes that arise, but please refrain from directly quoting or attributing specific comments to individual participants.

Our goal is to create a safe, inclusive and collaborative environment where everyone feels encouraged to brainstorm, share their thoughts, and speak their minds. By not attributing comments to specific individuals, we hope to foster a space where participants don’t have to worry about their words being taken out of context or used against them outside of the Summit discussions.

In the spirit of non-attribution, we request the following:

  • Stay Present: We kindly ask that you refrain from posting on social media during Summit discussions. This helps ensure that everyone is actively engaged and present in the moment.
  • Photos: You’re welcome to take photos, but please ensure they align with our non-attribution guideline. This means avoiding photos that tie specific comments or ideas to particular individuals.
  • Recaps & Summaries: You are welcome to share post-event recaps. However, please ensure that these do not attribute specific comments or viewpoints to individual participants.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. We’re excited to dive into these discussions together!